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* Physical Therapy Manuela and Andreas Leßmeister

* Your Partner for Rehabilitation

Since 1992 we are Part of the Tricare providers in Landstuhl and your Person to Turn to in all areas of physiotherapy and just recently osteopathy. We look forward to offering you a wide spectrum of various therapeutic technics. For 20 years we have been working at an integral therapeutic concept for the individual problems of our patients. We wish to help you in your recovery and Look forward to welcome you in our Practice.

We offer the following therapies:

* Physical Therapy

* Osteopathy

* Manual Therapy

* Neurophysiological Rehabilitation (PNF, Bobath)

* Therapy by Dorn / Breuss

* Kinesiotherapy

* Lymph Drainage

* Massage

* Tuina Massage

* Electro Therapy

* Cryo Therapy (Ice)

* Fango (Heat)  

Parking spaces in front of our Practice are available.

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